The Busy Bees Club is a collection of 3,577 algorithmically generated pieces of art, assembled from over 300 traits.

Each one-of-a-kind NFT grants you exclusive access to the club, its features, and special events. Become a beekeeper now and join the community to learn more.

About us

The Busy Bees Club

Long ago humans and bees had a special symbiotic relationship. The bees pollinated our land giving us plants, fruits, vegetables, and epic landscapes and in return we protected the bees. That was some time ago, and humans have lost sight of what matters most… Even though humans now have many things to focus on, the bees never lost sight and have been keeping busy more so now than ever. This brings us to the Busy Bees Club!

Our world is an astonishing place. It provides humanity with countless things of beauty and the Busy Bees Club helps you make a world of difference. Highlighting some of the amazing and generous work they do on a daily basis, our Busy Bees Club gives you a platform to help bees on their journey and continue our symbiotic relationship.

The Busy Bees Clubs primary goal is raising awareness and collaborating with projects, charities, and organizations already working to ensure the future of bees.

Members of the club are granted access to exclusive perks, discussion forums, in-person meetups, fundraisers and events. Our club is our core and members also have access to democratically directing the club and charity directions and decisions, along with other exclusive benefits from the club and various partners.

Did You Know?

Lifespan of a Honey Bee Is Only About 6 Weeks! #busybeesclub

Most worker bees are female! #busybeesclub

The queen bee is the largest bee in the hive. #busybeesclub

Bees get all their nutrients from flowers. #busybeesclub

The Hive

You Are Cordially Invited to the Busy Bees Club.

Coming soon, a one-of-a-kind virtual experience for our Busy Bees Club NFT owners. Use your BBC NFT to access our exclusive virtual club, The Hive. 

In The Hive you’ll meet and interact with fellow busy bees from all over the globe, hangout and share thoughts and ideas all while earning ranking in the form of Pollen Points (PP). Ranking grants you access to exclusive benefits like our Busy Bees Club 2022 meetup and other special events. 

Bee a part of the movement. Interact, rank up, and hangout with fellow bee keepers, together lets raise awareness.


Busy Bees

Each Busy Bee is unique and generated from over 300+ possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. Ranging from common to super rare, all have something to offer.

The bees are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

To access holder exclusive perks such as The Hive, Bee Keepers will need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet.


Giving back is what it's all about. Bee kind. Bee giving.

The Busy Bees Club is proud to announce our commitment to returning 10% of initial mint proceeds off our collections to our various charitable partners in the space. Alongside hosting charitable auctions, we hope to truly put our best foot forward and make a difference in this world as not only an NFT project and community, but as an entire movement focused on BEEing kind, supportive, and creative.


A queen bee can lay up to 1,500 eggs per day. Now that's BUSY! #busybeesclub

A bee hive may have up to 80,000 worker bees. WOW.

Bees actually dance! They do this to let other bees know where the resources are.

Did you know that honey bees never sleep?



The Busy Bees Club opens its doors/Launch and Giveaways.


Non-profit charity collaboration and customization of a tailored roadmap that meets the specific needs of the charity. 

Donation to our partnered non-profit or community voted bee focused charity (ongoing).


Establishment of the Beekeeper DAO (voting platform implemented) and creation of “The Hive” for beekeepers only
(Virtual Hangout).


The Hive V1 release, most active beekeepers granted beta access.


Busy Bees Club 2022 Meetup. 

Formation of the  Beekeeper Workshop which provides access to a wealth of information and resources available to everyone, focused on educating the masses about our precious bees. 


Save the Bees!

Start our very own BBC Bee Farm.

Season 2 – Honey Pot.

Meet The Team


Team Member Spaces Host, powerful speaker & healing musician.


Team MemberWeb2 specialist & web3 degenerate.


Lead ArtistArtist, day-dreamer, and dog lover.


Team MemberMusic, saltwater, and automation enthusiast.


Team MemberCommunity manager, visionary, nature lover.


It’s The Bee’s Knees!

Yes! We will be holding a presale, there are no benefits other than the guarantee to be able to mint one of our bees before sellout!

Download a wallet extension for your browser like MetaMask. Buy Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange like Coinbase and send it to your ETH Wallet (Metamask). Next, Connect your Metamask Wallet to our website and go to the MINT SECTION. Click buy and approve the transaction on Metamask.

The Busy Bees Club collection will be available for sale on OpenSea

Before mint, you just have to be an active and passionate community member! After mint, any new additions to the private discord channels will have to verify their ownership of a Busy Bees Club NFT

Of course! Commercial usage rights are fully given to the NFT owner. We want to build a supportive and steadfast atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Have a question? Ask us on Twitter or Discord.

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